Masterful meal planning

Convenient , professional in-home meal prep of all your flavor-rites

We personalize a plan to meet your personal preferences, palate profile, lifestyle and schedule. With so many delicious meal options, we're sure to please. Every detail from meal planning and shopping, to in-home prep and presentation is meticulously planned to make things easier (and tastier!) for you. 

With so many well-received meals to note, it's difficult to list options; but suffice it to say you'll soon find your own favorites with Food for Hearth and Soul. We plan, prep and prepare what you want and make it available when you want it.  Whether it's an old family recipe you don't have time to make these days, or some fresh new soon-to-be favorites, you and your family are sure to be pleased with meals done well with Food for Hearth and Soul.

Service and Specialties

A time-saving, meal-savoring experience

awaits you with Food for Hearth and Soul. 


Savvy, no-waste shopping

We'll shop for the needed ingredients, so you don't have to worry that you've over- or under-shopped for your meals. Emphasis is on fresh, healthy, local and smart shopping to ensure the best value and the least waste. Now all those 'good intentions' at the grocery store that don't get made, become a tasty reality with Food for Hearth and Soul.

Healthy, hassle-free, home-cooked meals and more

Who needs Food for Hearth and Soul?

Here are just a few people who benefit from our services:

  • On-the-go families who can't find time to eat together and want to eat better 

  • Busy professionals who want more quality time (and quality food) in their lives 

  • People seeking a way to have stress-free, casual entertaining

  • Elderly family members or friends who may not be able to shop for and prepare healthy meals

  • Single parent families

  • New parents

  • Anyone looking to enjoy healthier, wholesome, and delectable home-cooked meals, without all the the fuss


  • People with special diet requirements or managing health related issues