Healthy, hassle-free, home-cooked meals and more

Kathy Campbell

Cook/Baker/Organizer Extraordinaire

My passions in life are centered around family, friends and cooking. Over the past 25 years, I have cultivated my culinary talents to create healthy, delicious meals while running a successful day care business and serving as a personal cook and house manager. My service is unique in that I focus on a client’s individual needs and personal preferences.

Growing up with seven siblings and traveling the U.S. as a military child, gave me many opportunities to experience many different types of cuisines.  My Dad was always bringing home new sensations from abroad for us to experience. My amazing Mom is a masterful cook and baker and involved me from  a very young age in the kitchen, instilling in me a love for cooking and preparing healthy, delicious meals. She continues to be my inspiration, along with friends, family and clients who enjoy what I create for them.

Our family gatherings continue to be where laughter, fun, creativity, health and love center around the celebration of food.   My goal is to pass this on to my clients as well!

Now I’ve expanded to offer others my personalized approach to enjoying food in a highly practical way.   I cater to busy families with hectic schedules yearning for tasty, healthy meals to come home to.  I am excited to combine experience with my passion for food to bring families back to the table.